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The usual way of presenting the yet-to-be-built design seasoned with greenery or city scope.

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Step 1

Send us the scope of your project, determine the deadline, send a brief and the number of images two weeks before starting work, so we can make a quote and better manage the schedule, leaving you time to collect all the necessary materials.

Step 2

Send us finished design including 3D model, references of the materials, landscape design and adress of the investition from Google Maps so we can start working on your images. As a return we create for you a couple of draft concept images to choose among them so that we can start further work.

Step 3

When the points of views and moods are approved we will send you detailed drafts of the images, mostly with all the greenery and people so you can see the final result and make comments on what you like and what needs to be improved.

Step 4

We send you second round of images to be commented before final render.

Step 5

We correct all comments and render the images in their final resolution. As standard, we send 4200px on the wider side in 300 dpi as the final. If you need higher resolution please communicate it at the beginning of cooperation.

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